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 April 28th, 1970: 8 Days Before May 4th

In the April 28th issue of the Daily Kent Stater, an article was published about a silent protest, which happened the previous day, organized and held by Black United Students (BUS). The protest started from the old Ward House and ended at the Administration Building . The BUS organization in addition to Students for Democratic Society (SDS) was one of the most politically active groups on campus in the late 60s and early 70s [Read More]

 May 1st, 1970: 3 Days Before May 4th

May 1st, 1970: A beautiful spring day. Many students spent the afternoon attending classes, while other students congregated at the Victory Bell located behind Taylor Hall, listening to those addressing the crowd, and protesting the Vietnam War by burying the Constitution. The United States had been in “conflict” with Vietnam since 1965 and this angered many Americans. Anti-War sentiments ran high across the country, but college campuses nationwide were the hotbed of political unrest and student protests.

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