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 Kent State University Archives

Outreach Opportunities

Kent State University Special Collections and Archives provide a variety of outreach opportunities. We offer the the following  services and programs on a continuing basis.

Customized Instruction Programs (K-12 and collegiate levels; in-person or online)
Expose students to unique primary sources in a wide range of subject areas, including hands-on work with historical and rare materials.

Exhibitions and Special Events
The Department offers exhibitions and lecture events throughout the year. Learn more about the unique collections available to you through our events programming—all of it free and open to the public.

Research and Reference
Our staff will provide assistance with quick reference questions to in-depth inquiries. Please contact our department at [email protected] for your research and reference requests.

Collection Development Initiatives

University Archives Collection Development initiatives depend on generous donors to help us build diverse, unique collections that document the rich history of Kent State University. University Archives is currently focusing on the following collection areas, but are open to other inquiries.

Black Campus Movement, 1960s-1970s
This particular initiative seeks to collect pertinent records and raise awareness on the role of the Black Campus Movement at Kent State University, one of the goals of the University Archives is to highlight the importance of preserving historic records regarding underrepresented groups from the KSU community.

A collection documenting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organizations, literature, and people within northeast Ohio has recently been established. The focus is on LGBT life both at Kent State University and in the surrounding region. Materials of particular interest are papers that document the founding and development of LGBT student organizations and activism on campus.

Student Life
The University Archives program is actively seeking historical records pertaining to the development and activities of student organizations on campus.

May 4
Due to the significance of May 4, the department continues to collect primary and secondary materials that emphasize the the build up to the shootings, the shootings themselves and the aftermath. The materials are collected comprehensively, regardless of format. 

Please contact Lae'l Hughes-Watkins for more details.